Thursday, October 15, 2009

Installed Android 1.6 on my dev G1

After following instructions from HTC its website at my phone is now running the new version of Android. Most noticeable are the new camera and market applications. Also there is a battery usage overview, which shows you what apps are sucking up most of your battery power.


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Over 200 users for Meter Maid

Meter Maid is much less popular than Pregnancy Ticker, but still it’s nice to know that there are now over 200 users.

I’m still looking for sponsors to finish the new release, unfortunately I have had many meetings with potential sponsorship candidates but nothing came out of it.

Approaching 50,000 downloads for free Pregnancy Ticker

Today I saw that the download counter for the free version of my Android application “Pregnancy Ticker” is approaching the 50,000 mark. My estimate is that it will pas this milestone before the end of the month. It’s difficult to believe that such a huge number of expecting parents are consulting my application regularly, it’s an honor!