Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ruby = Basic?

Haha, I just had a laugh when opening the Ruby homepage. It shows some code that prints out a text on the display:

# The famous Hello World
# program is trivial in
# Ruby. You don't need:
# * a "main" method
# * newline escapes
# * semicolons
# Here's the code:
puts "Hello World!"

This reminded me of my first programming experience on a homemade computer (early 80's), which was a line of code in a programming language called BASIC. It must have been something like:
print "hello"
Which also had no "main" method and also did not need semicolons and newline escapes.. Later, I had a look at the 20 minutes introduction to Ruby. There I read that you could simply move up the cursor and change a line of code in the 'IRB' (the Ruby shell) - just like in BASIC.

So, after over 20 years, we're back to BASIC! :-)

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