Monday, March 5, 2012

Android icon sizes

Launcher Icons

LDPI - 36 x 36
MDPI - 48 x 48
HDPI - 72 x 72
XHDPI - 96 x 96

Tab Icons

LDPI - 24 x 24 (22 x 22) 
MDPI - 32 x 32 (28 x 28)
HDPI - 48 x 48 (42 x 42)
XHDPI - 64 x 64 (56 x 56)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Adapting Scrum in Business Development

A lot has been talked about taking an agile process, such as scrum, outside IT projects. I think this is a really good idea and there are lot of examples that show that this can be done. E.g. “Realize” has implemented an agile process for “regular” use in a company. This company has seen its profits go through the roof after this.

What do you think that happens when mixing business development, scrum and “the simplest thing that could possibly work” (more about this in another post)? GOOD STUFF!

Performance Based Marketing

In this article you can find an interesting about “performance based marketing”. However, I feel that the writer narrows the subject down a bit too much.

Can’t performance based marketing also include experimenting with changes on your website (e.g. A/B tests as changing a button color and measuring the effect on clicks).

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Improving conversion on your website with call to action

On any commercial website there will be links and buttons (buy, call now, add to cart, go to check out) that will try to “convert” visitors. These buttons and links can also be called a “call to action”.

Today I stumbled upon two sites that both tried to convert me with a call to action that I have not seen before.

This blog popped up a form after I scrolled to the end of the article and asked me to join a newsgroup.


This site popped up a chat window that would bring me into contact with a sales rep. It popped up after about 10 seconds and I think it definitely takes away many barriers (picking up the phone, filling in a request form) for people that might be interested in their hosting products. It is a great and non intrusive way that gives a little push and will definitely help to increase conversion rates.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Innovation award for Android app

In cooperation with Dialogues Technology I submitted an idea for the European Satellite Navigation competion 2010. Last week we received an e-mail that we won a prize with it!


The award ceremony takes place next month in Munich, Germany. More news will follow after that!

Test what grabs attention on your website

Using a cool tool by ZURB you can test what parts of your pages grabs the most attention.


The results are some sort of a ‘ heat map ‘  and can be used to improve your site its layout.


The site is called CLUE and created by ZURB. They have some other handy tools as well.